Your mobile recharge either prepaid or postpaid is just a click away with Abhieo !  Abhieo is  one-stop shop solution for online recharge.


    Abhieo covers major network providers in India, that include Airtel,  Vodafone Idea (VI), BSNL, MTNL etc. Not only that, to facilitate the online recharges, the latest talk time plans and data packs are updated on the Abhieo website/app accordingly.

    Some Of The Common Types Of Mobile Recharge Plans Include:

    Regarding mobile recharge plans, several types of plans cater to different needs and budgets. Some of the common types of mobile recharge plans include:

    Top-Up Plans:

    These plans offer a fixed talk time balance that can be used for voice calls, SMS, and data.

    Validity Plans:

    These plans extend the validity of your mobile number without offering any talk time or data benefits.

    Combo Plans:

    These plans combine talk time, data, and SMS benefits. They suit users who require a balance of voice and data benefits.

    Special Tariff Plans:

    These plans offer exclusive benefits such as unlimited calling or high-speed data. They are suitable for users who have specific requirements.

    International Roaming Plans:

    These plans provide benefits such as free incoming calls, discounted outgoing calls, and data benefits while travelling abroad.

    Value-Added Services:

    These services include caller tunes, SMS packs, and other additional benefits.

    Prepaid Vs Postpaid Mobile Recharge:

    Prepaid mobile recharge allows you to pay in advance for the usage of voice, SMS, and data services. Postpaid recharge, on the other hand, allows you to pay for the services you have already used at the end of the billing cycle. Prepaid recharge offers greater control over your spending and usage, while postpaid recharge offers convenience and flexibility.



    How To Mobile Recharge Online Via ABHIEO?

    Online Mobile recharge on Abhieo is most convenient, simple and safe . You need to do is :

    Step 1 : Tap on the Prepaid / Postpaid Icon

    Step 2 : Enter Your Mobile Number

    Step 3 : Select Your Mobile Operator   

    Step 4 : Enter Amount or Browse Plans Step

    Step 5 : Pay using Wallet 

    Mobile Recharge Done in less than a minute


    Benefits Of Online Mobile Recharge  :

    There are many benefits of online Mobile  recharge , including:

    1. Free online Mobile recharge available across all operators such as Airtel, BSNL, JIO, VI, MTNL  and many more. The process to get Mobile recharge done via Abhieo is simple , instant and secured . Mobile  recharge can be done within a few minutes via Abhieo.

    2. No transaction fee is chargeable on Abhieo for the online Mobile recharges i.e Abhieo allows the users to make free Mobile recharge Exciting deals, discounts and offers .

    3. Assured cashback on every Mobile rechage

    4. Mobile  recharge can be done within a few minutes via Abhieo.